Do Anything You Want To

There are people that will investigate you
they'll incinuate intimidate and complicate you
don't ever wait or hesitate
to state the fate that awaits of those who

try to shake or take you
don't let them break you

You, can do anything you wanna do
it's not wrong what i say is true
you can do anything you wanna do
do what you want to

People who despise you
will analyse and critizise you
they'll scandalyise untill they realise you
are someone they should've apolagised to

Don't let these people compromise you
be wise to

Hey you, you're not that puppet on a string
you can do everything
It's true if you really want to
you can do anything you want

Just like i do

hey you, you can do.
hey you, yes you

Elvis is dead
the king of rock and roll is dead
Elvis is dead